traveLink: The Blues-Lobster-WoMo-Tour – A stop @acquia ?

Next tuesday we start “The Blues-Lobster-WoMo-Tour” – driving a motorhome from Fort Lauderdale, Florida to Boston, Massachusetts. And who is in Boston (or close to) ? Right, Acquia – THE DRUPAL company founded by Dries Buytaert. So maybe it is possible to stop in Burlington, Massachusetts and have look inside Acquia, meet the people behind Acquia. How and where the work, maybe get some Drupal News – take some photos and write about the vistit in our tour blog

Maybe… its a long way from Florida to Massachusetts and actually we don’t have a “fixed program”. We start with the “Blues” and we hope to end with “Lobster” and maybe “Acquia“…

Here is the blog for the “Blues-Lobster-WoMo-Tour”

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